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Alert for Landlords with a Single Rental Property 20/12/2017
Over many years a number of our clients have acquired a second property for the purpose of investment, and letting on a Shorthold Assured Tenancy. In the event of such an investment property being acquired jointly, for the purpose of improving its value by renovation prior to letting, the expense should be divided equally and cannot simply be alloc... see full article
Don’t be an ostrich and consider the many reasons for making a Will 05/05/2017
Making a Will would enable you to decide who should receive your Estate on death and avoid possible legal problems for your family in the future. You would also be able to consider Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning making sure that you take advantage of the maximum reliefs and exemptions applicable to your Estate - especially the latest provision for... see full article
Be ScamSmart 24/01/2017
In my capacity as the COFA (Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration) for this practice I have received a warning card from the Financial Conduct Authority regarding scams in relation to investment products. You may have seen this, but in the event that you have not, you should be aware of the increasing danger of fraud in relation to shar... see full article
Football Agents and loss of a Chance Damages 29/11/2016
It is an established principle of contract law that a claimant who is deprived of the loss of a chance as a result of a defendant’s breach of contract, will be entitled to damages. The burden of proof is on the claimant to prove on the balance of probabilities (being more likely than not) by showing what he would have done, that he was deprived o... see full article
Stamp Duty Land Tax 27/10/2016
Higher rates for purchases of additional residential properties

The last Conservative Budget of George Osborne introduced further and additional Stamp Duty which was designed to affect second homes and where a main residence may have been acquired without disposing of the original residence.
As regards the latter, there are e... see full article
All Change – The Insurance Act 2015 24/10/2016
The Insurance Act 2015 (“the Act”) came into effect on 12 August 2016 and applies to all commercial contracts of insurance and reinsurance, which renew or commence on or after 12 August 2016.

It represents the greatest change in insurance law in over 100 years, amending several key sections of the longstanding Marine Act 1906 and aims to red... see full article
Landlord Repairing Covenants 24/10/2016

The issue of landlords’ covenants to repair and the effect of section 11 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (‘LTA 85’) came under the spotlight in the recent Supreme Court case of Edwards – v – Kumarasamy (2016) UKSC 40.
Briefly, the facts of the case are that Mr Kumar... see full article
The Brexit Effect 07/09/2016
An over-heated booming property market most prevalent in the South-East had its bubble burst by the vote on 23 June of this year to exit the European Union.

Whilst many property lawyers and estate agents had become concerned that prices had become over-heated, the shock of the Brexit vote has clearly affected the market which, according to s... see full article
Dangers of Cybercrime 24/05/2016
We as a Firm are becoming increasingly concerned with the instance of identity theft and cybercrime. With the ever increasingly significant and sophisticated techniques being employed by fraudsters, there have recently been more incidents where following exchange of Contracts and immediately prior to completion emails have been intercepted from sol... see full article
Lichtenstein Disclosure Facility 24/05/2016
With the closure of the Lichtenstein Disclosure Facility and the increasing number of HMRC investigations into the tax affairs of individuals, there is quite understandably considerable confusion and concern by those few individuals who still have offshore assets.

There has recently been put into operation a Disclosure Agreement involving ... see full article
Conveyancing and Cyber Crime 17/02/2016
In recent months criminals have been increasing their activity in targeting solicitors and their clients with a view to intercepting funds. Accordingly, extra care must be taken when transferring any funds and solicitors and clients must ensure that they have not only the correct account details (which should include in full the bank’s address, so... see full article
Residential Property. A Lawyers View by Edmund Grower. 08/05/2014
The consensus of opinion amongst residential property lawyers and estate agents on the current state of both the owner occupier and residential investment market is that the slow downturn in activity has been caused by several factors including but not limited to:

The recent events in the Ukraine and the Middle East
The slowdown in so... see full article

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